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Effective massages for trapped nerves

If you're suffering with trapped nerves, it can sometimes feel like a lasting solution is out of reach. Just when things start to improve, a slight jolt will send you backwards.


Thai Massage therapy is used to treat trapped nerves by applying a deep, sustained pressure into the fascia or connective tissue. This release deeper tensions and blockages fixed into the fascia elsewhere in the body. It has been used for centuries for those with postural imbalances, recurring conditions and unexplained pain.

What can you expect from your massage?

If you have never had a massage for trapped nerves before, you will complete a health questionnaire prior to your treatment. As the massage is thorough and focused, it is not uncommon to experience some discomfort during treatment. Unlike relaxation massage, deep tissue massage is focused on healing a particular area.

Deep tissue massage therapy for:

• Trapped nerves

• Postural imbalances

• Recurring conditions

• Unexplained pain


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"Fabulous massage from genuine people. Would recommend to anyone looking for a good quality massage."

- Larry Nicholson

Suffering with trapped nerves? We can help.

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